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Le Creuset - Santoku knife 18 cm with olive wood handle

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  • Santoku knife with wooden handle (san = three, toku = virtues)
  • The versatility of this knife is already reflected in its name. It is perfect for fish and meat, but also for cutting vegetables and due to the slightly curved cutting edge it is perfect for weighing herbs
  • The wooden handle is made of Italian olive wood
  • The blade consists of 64 layers of particularly corrosion-resistant damascus steel, which protect a core of V-Gold-10 steel. Its extreme hardness (61±2 HRC) ensures that the blade remains permanently sharp when properly cared for
  • Due to the wide blade, the Santoku knife has a convex edge. This enables easier handling of the knife and long lasting sharpness
  • By the refinement of the blade, the individual, beautiful Damascene pattern comes particularly to the fore. In combination with the individual grain of the olive wood handle, each knife becomes unique and unmistakable
  • The Santoku knife has a blade length of 18 cm and a maximum width of 5 cm